Sweet Dreams
Descansa sin distracciones

Sweet Dreams, es una revolucionaria aplicación que nos permitirá conciliar el sueño despreocupándonos de la gestión de recursos en nuestro móvil y permitiéndonos ahorrar energía e incluso desactivar aquellas molestas llamadas de madrugada. Gracias a sus filtros de activación, estas acciones podrán estar determinadas por nuestra localización, movimiento e incluso el sonido ambiental, conociendo en todo momento el mejor momento para iniciar el ahorro de energía. Y todo esto de una forma fácil y sencilla de usar.

Sweet Dreams, is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. You can even forget about enabling WiFi, Bluetooth or ringtones every morning and disabling them when you go to bed. Thanks to Sweet Dreams activation filters all those settings will be automatically determined based on time, location and even other parameters such as sounds near the phone or movement!!! All of that is available for you in the same really easy to use application. Just set your filters and Sweet Dreams will do the job for you.

SweetDreams, ganadora del ADC2 de Google

SweetDreams, winner overall of ADC2

   Disponible en el Android Market

  Now available on the Android Market

SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones

SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones SweetDreams, descansa sin distraciones
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Personal Golf Caddie

Box GolfPlay

GolfPlay has been created as an answer to the high demand existing amongst golf lovers for reliable, accurate and free software. Its objective is to give support to all the real time necessities of a golf player during a game, using GPS location and an online querying site where it is possible to access to their game statistics, tournament creation and a social network to exchange impressions with other users about the sport that links them: golf.

GolfPlay Aplicación móvil creada como respuesta a la alta demanda existente por los jugadores de golf, integrando un navegador GPS y un portal web que le permitirá acceder a sus estadísticas de juego, creación de torneos y a una red social donde intercambiar opiniones con otros usuarios sobre la pasión que los une: el golf.

GolfPlay is expected to be an open forum for its users, with place for their opinions and ideas; and a reference as support software for sports players. And what is more important: it's a FREE tool, without any fees or payments and with a non-expiring license.

Still in its "Prototype v1.35c" version and one month before finishing the first development phase, GolfPlay stands out with the following features:

  • Map rotation to achieve a hole oriented visualization.
  • Distance, number of shots, score and hole data calculations.
  • Statistics and reports, what makes GolfPlay a useful training tool for players.
  • Weather information of the courses.
  • A web platform where players will be able to share information amongst them.
  • Real and 2D visualization of the course.
  • Distance measure in different metric systems (yards, meters).
  • A simple and intuitive interface that provides the user with easy course selection.
  • Support of mode HVGA-P (320x480, portrait).
  • User creation from the mobile platform.
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